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Sorry Guys!

It was never my attention to keep this drama going. I was involved less than most in the whole thing from the beginning. All I did was defend Daniel in a thread. The other day I felt it necessary to respond to her entry with that log Cetta posted because it obviously seemed pointed towards me. I am the only one of us with a child who plays World Of Warcraft. I probably would have ignored her post as well if it didn't say comments toward my son. Insulting a child because his mother was minimally involved in some online drama is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. It was posted in a log because her entry was locked and we are not live journal friends.

Anyway, I'm sorry that you all were bombarded with this drama all over your friends pages! And I do agree with your post Maria. Kamele's as well. And hi Katja! Thanks for commenting as well. Nice to see you again.
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