x (ex_honey186) wrote,

these new aol whores are retarded

popuIar science: who are you, ache?
Ache: wtf!
Ache: aimey
popuIar science: should I know you?
Ache: idk?
popuIar science: interesting.
expIosivo: Ache.
expIosivo: that's.
expIosivo: a
expIosivo: very small.
Ache: my old sn's were sakura/hinata/cherish
expIosivo: sn.
expIosivo: -glares, jealous.-
popuIar science: lovely.
popuIar science: are you friends
popuIar science: with that cuntfuck cetta?
Ache: i havent come on aol much the past 5 years or so
gods respite: i want
Ache: uhh cettas my best friend, who the fuck are you?
gods respite: The Game
gods respite: =[
gods respite: and
popuIar science: sux2bu.
gods respite: Hero
popuIar science: I'm Natasha.
Ache: stfu newb
Lee Choalen: you were on like 2wks ago, Aimey

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